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      LINKS1891 Grain Dealers & Shippers Gazetteer (U.S. Railways)

      LINKS1914 County Maps by State (U.S.)

      LINKSAlabama Sanborn and Other Fire Insurance Maps

      LINKSAlabama University Historical Map Archive

      LINKSAmerican Cities Historic Maps (From Ball State University)

      LINKSBing Maps (Formerly Multimap)

      LINKSBureau of Indian Affairs GIS Maps and Geospatial Data

      LINKSBureau of Land Management Land Office Records Patent Search

      LINKSCharting America: Maps from the Lawrence H. Slaughter Collec...

      LINKSConnecticut University MAGIC Historical Scanned Map Collecti...

      LINKSConverting Addresses to/from Latitude and Longitude

      LINKSCounty Outline Maps (U.S.) at Perry Castaneda

      LINKSDavid Rumsey Historical Map Collection

      LINKSFlorida Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

      LINKSFlorida World Map Collections (University of Florida Digital...

      LINKSForest Atlas of the National Forests of the United States

      LINKSFree Library of Philadelphia Digital Map Collection

      LINKSGeographic Names Information System

      LINKSGeorgia Historical Atlas of Georgia Counties (Georgia Info)

      LINKSGeorgia Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

      LINKSGetty Thesaurus of Geographic Names Online

      LINKSHargrett Historical Maps Database

      LINKSHexamer General Surveys - Philadelphia 1866 - 1896

      LINKSHexamer General Surveys 1866-1896 - Search

      LINKSHistoric Aerials

      LINKSHistoric Cities Maps (Council of Higher Education of Israel)...

      LINKSHistoric Map Works (Free to search and examine)

      LINKSHistorical County Boundaries Atlas (Newberry Library)

      LINKSHistorical Map Web Sites

      LINKSHistorical Maps on the Web from the University of Michigan M...

      LINKSIllinois - Federal Township Plats of Illinois (1804-1891)

      LINKSIllinois Historical Maps Online (University of Illinois)

      LINKSImmigration Explorer Interactive Map (From the NY Times)

      LINKSIndiana - Historic Indiana Atlases

      LINKSIndiana - Historic Indiana Plat Books Collection

      LINKSIndiana - Indianapolis Sanborn Map and Baist Atlas Collectio...

      LINKSIowa - Hixson Plat Map Atlases of Iowa

      LINKSIowa Maps at Iowa

      LINKSJewishGen Communities Database and Gazetteer

      LINKSKansas - Places in Kansas (Kansas State Historical Society)

      LINKSKentucky Atlas and Gazetteer

      LINKSLibrary of Congress Map Collections

      LINKSLouisiana - New Orleans Vieux Carre Virtual Library

      LINKSMap Libraries on the Web (Historical Atlases and Maps of the U.S.)


      LINKSMaps at

      LINKSMassachusetts Boston Streets Mapping Directory Data

      LINKSMassachusetts Maps (MA Historical Society)

      LINKSMassachusetts Real Estate Atlas Digitization Project

      LINKSMinnesota Department of Natural Resources - Maps

      LINKSMinnesota Maps Online (Original Land Surveys and Plat Books)...

      LINKSMinnesota University Digitized Plat Maps and Atlases

      LINKSMissouri - Jackson County Plat Books

      LINKSMissouri - Plat Books of Missouri

      LINKSMissouri Sanborn Maps Online

      LINKSMontana Cadastral Mapping

      LINKSNational Geographic Maps

      LINKSNebraska Maps and Plat Maps at NebraskAccess

      LINKSNebraska State Historical Society Maps

      LINKSNevada in Maps (Mary B. Ansari Map Library)

      LINKSNew Hampshire Maps at Dartmouth College Digital Collections

      LINKSNew Jersey - The Origin of New Jersey Place Names

      LINKSNew Jersey Maps from Rutgers University

      LINKSNew Jersey Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps (Princeton University...

      LINKSNew Mexico - Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps

      LINKSNew York - Abstracts of Farm Titles City of NY 39th - 73rd S...

      LINKSNew York - Abstracts of Farm Titles City of NY East 75th - 1...

      LINKSNew York City Atlases (NYPL Digital Gallery)

      LINKSNew York City Maps by Decade (NY Public Library)

      LINKSNew York History of the Geography of New York City (Joel Wei...

      LINKSNew York Nineteenth-Century Maps (Stony Brook University)

      LINKSNew York Public Library Map Warper

      LINKSNew York Public Library Open Access Maps (Map Division)

      LINKSNGDA Globetrotter

      LINKSNorman B. Leventhal Map Center (Boston Public Library)

      LINKSNorth Carolina Historic North Carolina Maps

      LINKSOregon County Boundaries (Historical Guide)

      LINKSPennsylvania - Greater Philadelphia GeoHistory Network

      LINKSPennsylvania - Historic Pittsburgh (University of Pittsburgh...

      LINKSPennsylvania - Penn Pilot Historical Aerial Photo Library

      LINKSPennsylvania Historical Maps

      LINKSPerry-Castaneda Library Map Collection Hist. U.S. & World

      LINKSPlace Name Information Sites from ASU Library

      LINKSRailroad Maps at the Library of Congress (1828-1900)

      LINKSSanborn Fire Insurance Maps - Union List from UC Berkeley

      LINKSSanborn Fire Insurance Maps at the Library of Congress

      LINKSSanborn Fire Insurance Maps Freely Available (MSU Libraries...

      LINKSSouth Carolina Maps (Includes Sanborn Maps) at Univ. of SC

      LINKSTennessee Sanborn Maps from University of Tennessee, Knoxvil...


      LINKSTexas Historic Sites Atlas

      LINKSTown to County (U.S.) Database (City-to-County Finder)

      LINKSU.S. Census Bureau's Mapping and Cartographic Resources

      LINKSU.S. Gazetteer Files 1990 - 2016

      LINKSU.S. GenWeb Digital Map Library (United States)

      LINKSU.S. Military Academy Digital Collections - Maps

      LINKSU.S.G.S. Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)

      LINKSU.S.G.S. Historic USGS Maps of New England and NY (UNH)

      LINKSU.S.G.S. Historical and New Topographic Maps

      LINKSU.S.G.S. Historical Topographic Map Explorer

      LINKSU.S.G.S. Query Form

      LINKSU.S.G.S. The National Map

      LINKSU.S.G.S. Topographic Maps (MyTopo)

      LINKSU.S.G.S. TopoView (Historical Topographic Map Collection)

      LINKSUtah Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps

      LINKSVermont Survey Maps and Lotting Plans (includes ownership)

      LINKSWhat Was There (Historical photos tied to Google maps)

      LINKSWisconsin - Plat Maps from South Central Wisconsin

      LINKSWisconsin Land Survey Information and Search

      LINKSWisconsin Sanborn Maps (Wisconsin Historical Society)

      LINKSWyoming GLO & BLM Survey Plats & Field Notes

      LINKSWyoming Places

      LINKSWyoming State Archives Map Database (LUNA)

      LINKSYale Map Collection Online



+NARA (National Archives and Records Administration)



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