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      LINKSAsia and the Pacific at Cyndi's List

      LINKSAsia GenWeb Project

      LINKSAustralia - Australian Family History Compendium

      LINKSAustralia - Cyndi's List

      LINKSAustralia – National Library of Australia – Trove

      LINKSAustralia - New South Wales Registry of Births, Deaths, Marr...

      LINKSAustralia - New South Wales State Archives

      LINKSAustralia - Ryerson Index - Obituaries in Australian Newspap...

      LINKSAustralian Periodical Publications 1840-1845

      LINKSAustria - Newspapers - ANNO Austrian Newspapers Online

      LINKSCanada - British Columbia City Directories 1860-1955 Vancou...

      LINKSCanada - Acadian Tombstone Photos (New Brunswick & Nova Scot...

      LINKSCanada - Acadians - Universitι de Moncton

      LINKSCanada - Alberta Homestead Records Index

      LINKSCanada - Alberta Provincial Archives (Birth, Marriage, Death...

      LINKSCanada - Alberta Region - Peel's Prairie Provinces

      LINKSCanada - Atlas of Canada

      LINKSCanada - British Columbia - University of British Columbia C...

      LINKSCanada - British Columbia Archives Vital Event Indexes

      LINKSCanada - Calgary - Our Future, Our Past (University of Calga...

      LINKSCanada - CanadaGenWeb - Gateway to Free Canadian Genealogy

      LINKSCanada - Canadian Genealogical Projects Registry

      LINKSCanada - Canadian Genealogy Centre (Bibliotheque et Archives...

      LINKSCanada - Canadian Gravemarker Gallery

      LINKSCanada - Canadian Headstone Photo Project

      LINKSCanada - Canadiana Public Collections (Newspapers online)

      LINKSCanada - Canadiana Public Collections (Newspapers online)

      LINKSCanada - Census Finding Aid 300 (Library and Archives Canada...

      LINKSCanada - Census Indices and Linking Projects - Automatedgene...

      LINKSCanada - Census Records Library and Archives of Canada

      LINKSCanada - Census Records Online

      LINKSCanada - Censuses Online at Library and Archives Canada

      LINKSCanada - Death Indexes and Records for Canada Online

      LINKSCanada - Dictionnaire Genealogique - Tanguay

      LINKSCanada - Encyclopedia Canadian at Historica Canada

      LINKSCanada -

      LINKSCanada - Hudson's Bay Co. Archives (Manitoba Provincial Arch...

      LINKSCanada - Images Canada

      LINKSCanada - Immigrants to Canada

      LINKSCanada - Immigration - Library and Archives of Canada

      LINKSCanada - Immigration and Passenger Lists, 1865-1935

      LINKSCanada - Internet Archive Canada

      LINKSCanada - Library and Archives of Canada - Ancestors Search

      LINKSCanada - Library and Archives of Canada (ArchiviaNet Search)...

      LINKSCanada - Manitoba Newspapers (Univ. of Manitoba)

      LINKSCanada - Manitoba Vital Records Index Search

      LINKSCanada - Maps - Historical Map Digitization Project (RootsWe...

      LINKSCanada - Maps – Library and National Archives of Quebec

      LINKSCanada - Maps - The Canadian County Atlas Digital Project

      LINKSCanada - Maritime History Archive

      LINKSCanada - Marj's Place (Dozens of links for Canadian Research...

      LINKSCanada - Military & Peacekeeping (Library and Archives Canad...

      LINKSCanada - Naturalization 1828-1850 - Upper Canada and West

      LINKSCanada - Naturalization Index 1915 - 1951

      LINKSCanada - New Brunswick - Charlotte County Archives

      LINKSCanada - New Brunswick - County Guides for Genealogists

      LINKSCanada - New Brunswick Archives Indexes

      LINKSCanada - Newfoundland - Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland Digit...

      LINKSCanada - Newfoundland & Labrador - The Rooms Archives

      LINKSCanada - Newfoundland and Labrador Archival Resource Catalog...

      LINKSCanada - Newfoundland's Grand Banks Genealogy Site

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - Alberta - Wainwright Public Library

      LINKSCanada – Newspapers - British Columbia – The British Colonis...

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - Historical Canadian Newspapers (Free)

      LINKSCanada – Newspapers - Manitoba Newspaper Archives

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - Newfoundland and Labrador Indexes

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - Ontario - Newmarket Digital Project

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - Saskatchewan News Index 1884-2000

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - Special Editions of Canadian Newspaper...

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers - The Canada Gazette 1841-1997

      LINKSCanada - Newspapers Digitized by Simon Fraser University

      LINKSCanada - Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics

      LINKSCanada - Nova Scotia Virtual Archives, Guides, Databases

      LINKSCanada - Ontario - Archives of Ontario

      LINKSCanada - Ontario - Cemetery Finding Aid (OCFA)

      LINKSCanada - Ontario - OntarioGenWeb

      LINKSCanada - Ontario - Oxford County Library Genealogy

      LINKSCanada - Ontario - Thunder Bay Public Library Genealogy

      LINKSCanada - Ontario - Windsor Public Library Obituaries Search

      LINKSCanada - Ontario Metis Root Ancestors

      LINKSCanada - Ottawa Museums and Archives Collections

      LINKSCanada - Passenger Lists (Quebec Ports 1903-1910) Nanaimo Fa...

      LINKSCanada - Passenger Lists 1865-1922 Search

      LINKSCanada - Phone Directory - Canada 411

      LINKSCanada - Photographs - British Columbia Historical Photograp...

      LINKSCanada - Quebec - National Archives and Library of Quebec

      LINKSCanada - Quebec - S. W. Quebec Place Names

      LINKSCanada - Quebec Directories

      LINKSCanada - Saskatchewan Genealogy - Vital Records

      LINKSCanada - Saskatchewan Pioneers and Prominent People, 1924

      LINKSCanada - Upper Canada Land Petitions 1763-1865

      LINKSCanada - Vital Statistics: Births, Marriages and Deaths

      LINKSCanada - Western Land Grants Search (1870-1930)

      LINKSCanada - Yukon Archives Genealogy

      LINKSCaribbean - Digital Library of the Caribbean

      LINKSCaribbean Genealogy Research Resources

      LINKSCarpathian Connection

      LINKSChile - MemoriaChilena (Biblioteca Nacional Digital)

      LINKSCuba GenWeb

      LINKSCzech Archives

      LINKSCzech Republic - Trebon Digital Archives

      LINKSDenmark - Danish Emigration Archives

      LINKSDenmark - Danish State Archives

      LINKSDenmark - Denmark Demographic Database

      LINKSDenmark - Genealogy Links

      LINKSEastern European Archival Database (Miriam Weiner Routes to ...

      LINKSEurope - Archives on the Internet (Europe, Germany and Other...

      LINKSEurope - Eastern Europe Genealogy at Cyndi's List

      LINKSEurope - European Library (Now Europeana)

      LINKSEurope - Federation of East European Family History Societie...

      LINKSEurope - FEEFHS Genealogy Resource Directory

      LINKSEurope - Map Library at FEEFHS (Eastern Europe)

      LINKSFinland - Finnish Historical Newspaper Library

      LINKSFinland - HisKi Project at Genealogical Society of Finland

      LINKSFinland - National Archives of Finland

      LINKSFrance - Archives Departementales du Bas-Rhin

      LINKSFrance - Cyndi's List

      LINKSFrance -

      LINKSFrance - Les Guillotines de la Revolution Francaise

      LINKSGazetteer at JewishGen (Europe, Asia, Middle East, N. Africa...

      LINKSGerman-Russian Genealogical Library (ODESSA)

      LINKSGermany – Baden and Wuerttemberg “Glatzle” Emigrants

      LINKSGermany – Bibliography of Town Genealogies

      LINKSGermany - Bremen Passenger Lists 1920-1939

      LINKSGermany - Emigration from Southwest Germany

      LINKSGermany - Genealogy Resources at

      LINKSGermany - German Emigrants Database

      LINKSGermany - German Federal Archive (Bundesarchiv)

      LINKSGermany - German Genealogy Group

      LINKSGermany - German GenWiki at

      LINKSGermany - German Professions, Occupations and Illnesses

      LINKSGermany - German Research Websites from

      LINKSGermany – Hannover Emigrants

      LINKSGermany - Historic Gazetteer

      LINKSGermany - Maps - Meyers Gazetteer

      LINKSGermany - Munich Digitization Center (MDZ)

      LINKSGermany - Online Ortsfamilienbucher (Online Heritage Books)

      LINKSGermany - Ortsfamilienbucher (GenWiki)

      LINKSGermany – Poznan Project

      LINKSGermany - Ravenstein Atlas of the German Empire

      LINKSGermany - Surname Distributions at Geogen Surname Mapping

      LINKSGermany - Town Genealogies/Parish Register Inventories on In...

      LINKSGermany –Emigration Databases

      LINKSGreece - Greek State Archives

      LINKSGreece - Open (Click 'EN' upper right for Englis...

      LINKSHaiti Genealogy Society Archives

      LINKSHolland - CBG - Centrum voor Familiegeschiedenis

      LINKSHungary GenWeb Project

      LINKSIceland Census Indexes

      LINKSInternational - Family Search (

      LINKSInternational - Gazetteer - Global Gazetteer (Fallingrain)

      LINKSInternational - Gazetteer - GOV – The Historic Gazeteer

      LINKSInternational - Gazetteer - UN Geographic Names Databases

      LINKSInternational -

      LINKSInternational - Maps - David Rumsey Map Collection

      LINKSInternational - Maps - NGDA Globetrotter

      LINKSInternational - Maps - Perry-Castaneda World Maps Collection...

      LINKSInternational - Newspapers - Digitized Historic Newspapers

      LINKSInternational - Newspapers - Google Newspaper Archive

      LINKSInternational - Newspapers – ICON Digitization Projects

      LINKSInternational - Vital Records Links

      LINKSInternational - World GenWeb (Connecting the World Through G...

      LINKSIreland - Ask About Ireland

      LINKSIreland - Belfast Burial Records

      LINKSIreland - Belfast Newsletter Index 1737-1800

      LINKSIreland - Calendars of Wills and Administrations

      LINKSIreland - Catholic Parish Registers at National Library of I...

      LINKSIreland - Cemetery Images of Kerry and Cork (Joe Maher)

      LINKSIreland - Census - 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland

      LINKSIreland - Census - Irish Census Indexes & Records Online

      LINKSIreland - Church of Ireland - Genealogy and Family History L...

      LINKSIreland - County Down Northern Ireland Research Site

      LINKSIreland - County Tyrone Genealogical Research

      LINKSIreland - - Scroll down to Ireland resource...

      LINKSIreland - Genealogy Links at

      LINKSIreland - Genuki - UK & Ireland Genealogy

      LINKSIreland - Griffith's Valuation at Ask About Ireland

      LINKSIreland -

      LINKSIreland - Ireland Genealogy Project and Archives

      LINKSIreland - Ireland's History in Maps

      LINKSIreland - Irish Archives Resource

      LINKSIreland - Irish Church Records at RootsWeb

      LINKSIreland - Irish Genealogy - Explore Your Family History

      LINKSIreland - Irish Pedigrees (1878, by John O'Hart)

      LINKSIreland - Irish Pedigrees Vol. 1 (1892, by John O'Hart)

      LINKSIreland - Kerry Graveyard Records

      LINKSIreland - Leitrim - Roscommon 1901 Census Index

      LINKSIreland - Letters of 1916 - A Year in the Life

      LINKSIreland - Library Ireland

      LINKSIreland - Limerick - Mount Saint Lawrence Cemetery (70,000+)...

      LINKSIreland - Limerick Archives

      LINKSIreland - Marriages Database Search from IGRS

      LINKSIreland - Military Archives

      LINKSIreland - Missing Irish Immigrants Advertised in the Boston ...

      LINKSIreland - National Archives of Ireland (Genealogy database l...

      LINKSIreland - National Folklore Collection of Ireland

      LINKSIreland - National Library of Ireland

      LINKSIreland - Northern Ireland Genealogy Links

      LINKSIreland - Prerogative Wills of Ireland 1536-1810 Index

      LINKSIreland - Public Records Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI)

      LINKSIreland - Shaw's Dublin City Directory - 1850

      LINKSIreland - The General Register Office, Roscommon

      LINKSIreland - The List of Church of Ireland Parish Registers 20...

      LINKSIreland - Tithe Applotment Books 1823-1837

      LINKSIreland Genealogy Projects Archives

      LINKSIsrael Genealogical Society (IGSSA)

      LINKSIsrael Region - Montefiore Censuses (1839, 1840, 1849, 1855,...

      LINKSItalian Genealogical Group

      LINKSItaly - Central Archives of the State

      LINKSItaly - Cyndi's List

      LINKSItaly - Italian Genealogy Links from the Mesa, AZ FHC

      LINKSItaly - Italy GenWeb

      LINKSItaly - National Archival System

      LINKSItaly - Newspapers (Milan and Lombardy) L'Emeroteca Digitale...

      LINKSJamaica - National Library of Jamaica

      LINKSJapan Center for Asian Historical Records (National Archives...

      LINKSJapanese Americans (Densho Digital Repository)

      LINKSKorea - Inje University Genealogy - Family Histories (Korean...

      LINKSLithuania - Lithuanian Global Genealogical Society Databases...

      LINKSMaps of Europe at RootsWeb

      LINKSMexico - Archivo General de la Nacion

      LINKSMexico - Catholic Church Records 1567-1970 (

      LINKSMexico - Cyndi's List Mexico

      LINKSMexico - Mexico Resources

      LINKSNARA - Ethnic Heritage Links at the National Archives

      LINKSNetherlands - Friesland - AlleFriezen

      LINKSNetherlands - Genealogy Links

      LINKSNetherlands – National Library of the Netherlands Digital Co...

      LINKSNetherlands - Wie Was Wie

      LINKSNetherlands - Zeeuwen Gezocht (The Zeeland Archives)

      LINKSNetherlands –Family names distribution 1947–2007 – Meertens ...

      LINKSNew Zealand – Birth, Death, Marriage Historical Records Inde...

      LINKSNew Zealand Archives - Archway

      LINKSNew Zealand at

      LINKSNew Zealand GenWeb

      LINKSNew Zealand Newspapers - Papers Past

      LINKSNewspapers - Google Newspaper Archive

      LINKSNewspapers - International Coalition Digitization Projects

      LINKSNewspapers - International Historic Newspapers (Penn Librari...

      LINKSNorway - Ancestors from Norway

      LINKSNorway - Fylkesarkivet Databases (Sogn of Fjordane Region)

      LINKSNorway - National Archives - Digitalarkivet

      LINKSNorway - Norway Genealogy

      LINKSNorway - Norway Heritage Transcription Project

      LINKSNorway - Norwegian Historical Data Centre (Census, etc.)

      LINKSNorway - Norwegian-American Studies - Volumes 1-33 Online

      LINKSNorway - Velkommen to Norway Genealogy

      LINKSPoland - Poland GenWeb

      LINKSPoland - Polish Genealogical Society of America - Databases

      LINKSPoland - Polish Roots

      LINKSPoland - Service Search Archives (ZoSIA)

      LINKSPoland - Sezam - Polish State Archives

      LINKSPoland – Yad Vashem Database of Shoah Victims

      LINKSRomania/Ukraine - Bukovina Society of the Americas

      LINKSRussia - Access to Russian Archives

      LINKSRussia – Archives of Russia

      LINKSRussia - Meeting of the Frontiers (Library of Congress)

      LINKSScotland - Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives

      LINKSScotland - Aberdeen City and Shire - Routes to Your NE Root...

      LINKSScotland – Edinburgh – Addressing History

      LINKSScotland - Gaelic Place-Names of Scotland

      LINKSScotland - General Register Office for Scotland (Family Reco...

      LINKSScotland - Histories of Scottish Families (National Library ...

      LINKSScotland - Maps of Scotland

      LINKSScotland - National Archives and National Records of Scotlan...

      LINKSScotland - National Library of Scotland

      LINKSScotland - Ordnance Survey of Scottish Town Plans 1847-1895

      LINKSScotland - ScotlandsPlaces

      LINKSScotland - Scottish Archive Network

      LINKSScotland - Scottish Emigration Database from Univ. of Aberde...

      LINKSScotland - Scottish First World War Rolls of Honor

      LINKSScotland - Scottish Indexes

      LINKSScotland - Shetland Archives and Catalogue

      LINKSScotland - The Scottish Genealogy Society

      LINKSSingapore - National Library Board of Singapore Print Herita...

      LINKSSouth Africa - Genealogical Society of South Africa online r...

      LINKSSpain - Archives of Spain

      LINKSSpain - National Library of Spain

      LINKSSweden - Finding Your Swedish Roots

      LINKSSweden - National Archives of Sweden

      LINKSSweden - Stockholm City Archives (Stadsarkivet)

      LINKSSweden - Swedish Census of 1890 (Vasterbotten County)

      LINKSSweden - Swedish Genealogy Sites (Augustana College, IL)

      LINKSSweden Genealogy Links

      LINKSSwitzerland - Cyndi's List of Resources for Switzerland

      LINKSSwitzerland – Newspaper - Le Temps Archives Historiques

      LINKSSwitzerland - Register of Swiss Surnames

      LINKSSwitzerland - Swiss E-Newspaper Archives

      LINKSSwitzerland Genealogy Links

      LINKSU.K. and Australia - London Convicts - Digital Panopticon

      LINKSUnited Kingdom – PASE Domesday – Prosopography of Anglo-Sax...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Adoption in England and Wales (Informationa...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Barrall Marriage Index 1837-1911

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - BMD Project (Birth-Marriage-Death)

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Books Online - History and Antiquities of.....

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Books Online from Genealogy Free Stuff

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - British History Online

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - British Library Online Gallery

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Cause Papers - Diocesan Courts, York

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Clergy of the Church of England Database

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Commonwealth War Graves Commission

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Cornwall Online Parish Clerks

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Crime and Punishment (Wales) 1730-1830

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Crockford's Clerical Directory

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Digital Library of Historical Directories -...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Durham County Record Indexes (Search is fre...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Endangered Archives Programme

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - England's Immigrants 1330-1550

      LINKSUnited Kingdom – Families in British India Society

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Resources for UK

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Free Online Resources Links (FamilyHistoryF...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - FreeREG (Free Registers)

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Gazetteer of British Place Names

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - GENUKI (Genealogy of UK and Ireland)

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Historic England

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - International Bomber Command Centre Digital...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Key to English Place Names (Univ. of Nottin...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Legacies of British Slave Ownership

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - London Lives – 1690–1800 Crime, Poverty & S...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Maps - England Jurisdictions in 1851

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Maps - Genmaps (Old Maps of England)

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Maps - Street Maps

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Medieval English Law Reports "Year Books" 1...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - National Archives Discovery

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - National Library of Wales

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Naval and Naval Social History Index

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Photographs - PhotoLondon Archived

      LINKSUnited Kingdom -

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Royalty - Official Website British Monarchy...

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Society of Genealogists Catalogue Search

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - The Soldier in Later Medieval England

      LINKSUnited Kingdom - Town To County Database

      LINKSWales - Welsh Newspapers Online (National Library of Wales)

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