1905 Carnegie Garden Project
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bullet  Front Entrance
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Pikes Peak Library District

When the Pikes Peak Library District completed restoration of the 1905 Carnegie Library building on West Kiowa Street in 2001 – returning it to its original magnificence – the ground around the exterior of the building was left barren due to lack of funding for landscaping. Since then, a committee of library staff and local citizens has been working with Landscape Architect Carla Anderson to plan a garden for the area.

Some highlights of this garden, as described more fully in the narrative, include:

bullet A Demonstration Garden featuring plants that thrive in our semi-arid climate and enlighten the community to the beauty of low-water gardens. This area has high visibility from both levels of Penrose Library and the parking area below. A practical and truly critical function of this area’s design has been stabilizing the bank on the south side of the Carnegie foundation and incorporating a needed emergency egress from the back of the Penrose building. The Garden is now open for the public’s enjoyment for certain hours during the day.

bullet An allée that is a more formal, (eventually) shaded space for public functions and outdoor gatherings, performances, children’s library storytimes, or just a quiet lunchtime with friends.

bullet Throughout the garden, there are sites for sculpture to display local artistic talent.

bullet A beautiful wrought iron fence with wide gates provides security, while allowing access during open hours. The garden will always be staffed and monitored when open to the public.